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Voted Best Boat Rental and Waverunner Rental in Lake Geneva by The Best of Lake Geneva!

LeatherLips Watersports is the finest boat & Waverunner rental service that Lake Geneva, Wisconsin has to offer. Experience counts: We’ve been in business since 1980 and offer personalized customer service that places you and your safety above all else.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing cruise on the lake or an exhilarating ride across the waves, LeatherLips has it all! LeatherLips is the premier watersport rental business in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.


LeatherLips Watersports offers numerous types of boat rentals for all occasions. We Rent Fun! Enjoy our large selection of ski boats, deck boats, pontoon boats, and personal watercraft in Lake Geneva at LeatherLips Watersports. With a fleet of 35, we’re sure to have the perfect watercraft to fit your needs. We offer a NEW Monterey FS224 Bowriders, Hurricane Sundeck SS 232 OB deck boat, Pontoon Boats, Bayliner Speedboats and a 12 passenger Luxury Hurricane Deck Boat. All safety equipment, instructions and GAS are included FREE! View our rental specials here or contact us at (262) 248-4142 for more information about our services or rentals.


At LeatherLips, we offer the newest model Waverunner (Yamaha VX110 4-Stroke Waverunners) rentals, which come with fantastic horse power, maneuverability, and the latest technology.

Our normal hours during the summer are: 9am-6pm Weekdays and 9am-7pm Weekends/Holidays. We open annually for business in early May and run through mid-October. Contact us at (262) 248-4142 for more information about our boat rentals, Waverunner rentals, deck boat rentals, pontoon boat rentals or tubing.

LeatherLips is located in downtown Lake Geneva (Southeastern WI), across from the Chamber of Commerce at 151 Wrigley Drive. For more detailed directions, please visit the Location section of the site.

Our Brands:

Monterey Bayliner  Yamaha  Crest  Hurricane